Wedding Dress Alterations

We generally schedule your first wedding dress alterations fitting two months before the wedding and each subsequent fitting two to three weeks after that. This means your final fitting will take place two to three weeks prior to your wedding.

You must bring the shoes and undergarments you plan to wear to all fittings. Even if you think you might like have to have bust cups sewn into the gown, we suggest bringing a few bra options with you.

First Fitting

At this fitting, we focus first on the overall fit of the gown. Your seamstress will work with you to determine what changes need to be made so that the gown fits your body as close to perfect as possible. Examples of things she will review include adjusting the cup size, taking in the gown at the bust, waist, or hips, or shortening the straps. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done for the fit, she may adjust the hem or start working on the bustle. However, the hem and bustle may be left to the second fitting.

Second Fitting

The second fitting is an interim fitting to both check the work that has already been done and
complete any work that has not yet begun. We will first check the new fit based on all of the changes we made during the first fitting. If the fit is not perfect, we will make additional adjustments to the fit at that time. At this appointment, we will also address the hem length and bustle if they were not adjusted during the first fitting. It is very important to note that at this fitting, if any important details have been removed from the gown to achieve the
correct fit, they will not be put back onto the gown until after this appointment when we have had the ability to determine that this is the correct fit. For example, a sash or lace applique.

Third Fitting

In most cases, this is the final fitting. At this appointment, any details removed from the
gown will be replaced, and we will do one last review of the overall fit, the length of the hem, and the bustle in case any small tweaks need to be made. At this appointment, we suggest bringing a couple reliable members of your wedding party to learn how to do up and bustle the gown.

Final Pickup

We request that you give us a week or so after your final fitting to complete and steam the gown, if required.

Please note that we do not book alterations fittings on weekends.

Email us at to book your wedding dress alteration fitting.

Wedding Dress Alterations at The Handmade Bride