we love creating custom gowns almost as much as we love pancakes

Custom Wedding Dress Design

We are obsessed with making your wedding dress dreams come true and sometimes that means having a completely unique dress made just for you. As it goes, no matter how many wedding dresses you try on, you just have not found that perfect one. You’re in luck, our in-house custom designer will work with your inspiration to create a custom design where you will get to combine all the elements that have worked for you into a super-dress! You get to choose any fabrics you want and have your pattern built right on your body (screw size charts!). Bonus, all of this means that your alterations are included in the price and THAT means that you will probably spend less money on a custom dress in the end.

Custom design takes vision and guts, but if this all sounds great to you then send us an email! We will set up a free, no-pressure consultation where you can show us your inspiration, try on example gowns and get a quote.